December 02, 2016

Allied Integrated Marketing expands its multicultural services to three core audience segments, developing culturally relevant and rich communication strategies as entertainment companies and brands increase their emphasis on audience-specific campaigns. Allied first launched its multicultural practice with Allied Hispanic, then expanded to African-American audiences with Allied Moxy, and now adds LGBTQ marketing to its service portfolio with Allied Pride.  

Based on the success of Allied Contigo and Allied Moxy, the company is also launching Allied Pride, which will focus on authentic campaigns that connect entertainment and lifestyle clients with the LGBTQ community. Utilizing Allied's network of 22 offices throughout the U.S. and Toronto, Allied Pride will develop market-specific campaigns that reach LGBTQ communities at the the local and national level. Through Allied's long-standing presence within the entertainment industry and insight into the LGBTQ community, the division will create tailored campaigns across communications channels to address the needs and interests of the multi-faceted LGBTQ community, building lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.


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