November 28, 2018

Roughly 65 million fire emojis are used every day throughout social media.  While most of the time this popular emoji is used to add spice to a light-hearted tweet, Coral Gables based Alma wanted to take that energy and use it to help those affected by the very real fires happening in California. They responded to tweets that include the fire emoji, driving Twitter users towards our donation page that is seeking $10,000 for the wildfire relief fund, California Community Foundation. Help us by spreading awareness to our #FightFireWithFire donation campaign.

Link to donation site, CLICK HERE.


Team Credits:

Creative Director: Gabriel Reyes

Creative Director: Gabriel Ferrer

Junior Art Director: Danae Nunez

Junior Copywriter: Nicholas Perez-Molino

VP, Digital: Michael Sotelo

Director, Strategy & Integrated Solutions: Carly Sutherland

Lead Digital Content Creator: Samantha Lemoine

Digital Content Creator: Michelle Robles

Digital Content Creator: Miguel Clark



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