October 05, 2017

Chicago based PACO Collective (PACO) has been selected as the cross-cultural agency of record for Carl Buddig.

"The trust placed in PACO's capabilities as cross-cultural agency of record reinforces our commitment to connecting their successful products with Latino millennial moms," said PACO CEO and Co-Founder Ozzie Godinez.

"We are a family company that has long believed that our great tasting and affordable lunchmeats and sausage products speak volumes about our integrity and commitment to quality," said Tom Buddig, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Carl Buddig & Company. "We are eager to partner with PACO to reach our growing Hispanic Consumer Base, and invite them to take a seat at the Carl Buddig family table."

Buddig Brand Director of Marketing, Robert Gay said PACO's successful track record in leading brands to new insights surrounding Hispanic target markets makes the agency a perfect fit. "We have served Buddig lunchmeat to families as a family owned and operated company for nearly 75 years, which is unprecedented today. We want to speak to Hispanic consumers, particularly Hispanic Millennial moms, in ways that will make our brand a strong voice in the conversations that are relevant to them now. PACO will help us do that," he said.

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