November 21, 2020

I am not very encourage when writing this article for HispanicAd, to see efforts to help Minority Broadcasters and Consumers that are not inclusive of at least the majority of the groups that encompass the Multicultural Marketing Bucket.  

Over the last couple of years, African American activists, politicians and pundits have taken on Corporate America and the Advertising Industry.  They should, since African Americans are a very important minority group in the USA and deserve respect, attention and business equality.

Hispanics and their activists, politicians, pundits and business interest have not put forth a formidable effort that is based on the economic, social and political importance of US Hispanic Consumers and businesses that serve the community.   

Yet, in today’s volatile social economic and political environment, it seems that the only voices that are heard and get any attention are African American.

  • I have no quarrel with the African American effort, I believe it is commendable. 
  • Hispanics politicians, media and executives have not done enough or have not put forth the strategic effort as the majority of Multicultural Consumers and Businesses in this county should respectively.

Many say, it is better to be recognized for your unique selling proposition as Consumers, vs political activism.  I wonder does the end end justify the means?

In the Advertising & Media Industry, African Americans enjoy clout:

  • NABOB (National Association of Black Broadcasters)
  • The Rainbow Coalition
  • Omnicom’s – ADCOLOR
  • NAMIC – National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications
  • 4A’s multicultural efforts

The majority of these organizations promote the political / business importance and recognition of African Americans and sporadically Hispanics.

Minority advertising and media executives have been fighting for years for our consumers to be included as viable marketing targets and not excluded from advertising purchased by major multinational advertising agencies, buying services and corporations.

      The success has been spotty.  Non-minority dictates on media buys are prevalent in mainstream ad agencies and media buying services, even in 2020.

The African American population is not as large as the US Hispanic populations, but has demonstrated to be more politically influential.

As a current example ……

At the 20th Annual Power of Urban Radio Forum on October 15, 2020, Doug Ray – CEO of Dentsu Media stated that his organization has acknowledge and put forth an efforts to ensure that monies are flowing to minority-owned media, according to Radio Ink and Inside Radio. Carat Media is part of the Dentsu network.

         Dentsu’s Project Booker is a program to steer media buys and dollars to minority media.

The missing element here is that the Project Booker is a program that will only benefit African-American owned and operated media, not Hispanic owned and operated media according to Dentsu’s spokesperson Mike Russell - Chief Growth Officer.

Additionally, Mr. Russell stated to HispanicAd via email that “No, it’s black-owned only for this inaugural series. If successful, we will consider future series with other minority-owned businesses”.

      Congratulations to the African American Broadcasters, time well spent and you are reaping the potential benefits.

What happens if it is not successful for a variety of reasons, KPIs, metrics, etc.?  

Hispanics are out?

African Americans and Hispanics have more differences than similarities from a social, economic, political and LANGUAGE standpoint.  Ask an expert.

As a Hispanic, a previous broadcaster, a US Hispanic Media Executive and passionate believer in the importance of all that is Hispanic, Latino, Latina & LatinX in this country.

What is our Industry, our Associations, our Politicians, our Business Executives going to do about this lack of sensitivity, support, empowerment and basic respect?

I for one will not be quiet.

I want to see who else stands up and rejects this biased effort?

One thing we have learned recently, this is no a time to be silent.

Shame on Dentsu for not being inclusive, shame on us for not being LOUD.

Gene Bryan


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