November 14, 2020

The crisis has widened consumer appetite for choice and introduced unexpected shifts in consumer behavior—this year’s holiday shopping is up for grabs.

The new consumer

More than 60 percent of global consumers have changed their shopping habits, and they intend to stick with them.

E-commerce continues to boom with 37 percent of consumers planning to shop more online this year. However, omnichannel remains the spice for this holiday season as consumers look to multiple channels for gift inspiration.
The big loyalty challenge

According to Periscope’s Retail reimagined report, 1 40 percent of consumers have tried new brands during the pandemic, and that behavior will continue over the holiday shopping period. Only 12 percent of the consumers indicated that they will shop from the same retailers and brands as they did last year.

Personalization and social media engagement may hold the key for retailers looking to win with new and existing customers. While 31 percent of consumers say social media could trigger a gift purchase, 25 percent say personalized campaigns could initiate a purchase.


Reduced holiday spending overall, but more on blockbuster days

While consumers plan to spend less overall during the holidays, they plan to spend more on blockbuster shopping days. They are price sensitive and expect value and better shipping costs, but also want convenience and availability.


Top shopping days

Black Friday dominates as the day that shoppers plan to spend, while the recent Amazon Prime Day came in a close second. In the United Kingdom, Black Friday overtakes Boxing Day as the most popular shopping day, while in China, Single’s Day takes the spotlight.

Early-bird special

With the demand variable, consumers are getting a jump-start on this holiday season. Nearly a third of shoppers say that they will start earlier this year when compared to last year. While there is a general mix of both excitement and anxiety about shopping during a pandemic, three in four Chinese shoppers will enter the holiday season with enthusiasm.

Dive deeper

This new report compiled by Periscope by McKinsey showcases the key trends that will impact the 2020 holiday shopping season. The survey asked over 3500 holiday shoppers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and China to provide insights into which big moments will really matter. This analysis highlights the six key trends that are shaping this year’s holiday season.

About the author(s)

Tamara Charm is a senior expert in McKinsey’s Boston office; Jesko Perrey is a senior partner in the Düsseldorf office; Felix Poh is a partner in the Shanghai office; and Brian Ruwadi is a senior partner in the Cleveland office.

The authors wish to thank Arun Arora, Becca Coggins, Brian Elliott, Eric Hazan, Jan-Christoph Koestring, Sajal Kohli, and Kelsey Robinson for their contributions to this article.


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