May 24, 2017

Azteca America announced that its Atlanta affiliate WUVM Channel 4 has formed a sales and marketing partnership with WAZX 101.9 FM, “La Que Buena Radio.”

The partnership allows WAZX 101.9 FM to sell advertising packages on WUVM Channel 4 Azteca to local advertisers in the market. The two stations also will cross-promote joint initiatives and work together to promote and participate in local community events.

“This partnership will create stronger opportunities for local advertisers to work with two distinguished Spanish-language media companies in the Atlanta area,” said Mark Klafter, General Manager, Azteca Atlanta. “There is a thriving Hispanic population in Atlanta, and the collaboration between Azteca Atlanta and WAZX 101.9 FM will allow advertisers to better connect with customers across mediums.”

Franco Vera, General Manager of WAZX 101.9 FM, added, “Joining forces with Azteca America allows us to offer a more simplified, streamlined process for local advertisers to reach Hispanic consumers. We look forward to working together to bring robust, customized solutions to local businesses.”

As a result of the partnership, both stations are creating marketing campaigns to promote one another on their own airwaves. Azteca Atlanta and “La Que Buena” also will partner on local events in the Atlanta community.


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