November 06, 2018

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /   

  • Is it meant to change minds about a product, service, brand or politician?
  • Is it meant to sell?
  • Is it meant to inform?
  • Is it meant to be didactic?
  • Is it meant to entertain?
  • Shelf life: is it evergreen?
  • Shelf life: is it topical/seasonal?
  • Is it meant for adults?
  • Is it meant for teens?
  • Is it meant for kids?
  • Is it meant for all of the above (adults, teens, kids)?
  • Is it meant for a certain demographic such as, say, young moms, soccer fans, Hispanics, LGBTQ?
  • Is it funny, serious, romantic, tragic, emotional?
  • Is it supposed to be funny?
  • Is it supposed to be serious?
  • Is it supposed to emotional (as in romantic or tragic)?
  • Is it supposed to be fiction?
  • Is it supposed to be reality?
  • Will it be distributed through paid media?
  • Will it be distributed through earned media only?
  • Will it be long form?
  • Will it be short form?
  • Must it be viewed with audio on, e.g., music video?
  • Can/must it be viewed on mute, i.e., does it require subtitles?
  • Will it be distributed on-air?
  • Will it be streamed on-line?
  • Will it be streamed on mobile?
  • Will it be taped for future broadcast, download or streaming?
  • Will it be broadcast live?
  • Will it be livestreamed to mobile devices?
  • Can it be viewed in public, eg; riding public transportation?
  • Will it require privacy to be viewed, eg; on toilet?

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