December 17, 2019

  By Gonzalo López Martí Creative director, etc. /

  • Good advertising - or good marketing for that matter- is all about putting a pebble in the target audience’s shoes.
  • Inserting a little blip on their radar.
  • Adding a mental note in their to-do list.
  • In the marketing & advertising business we tend to believe that CPGs is where the action is.
  • The big budgets, the big thinking, the new technologies.
  • At some point, Silicon Valley gave us a run for our money: they didn’t even bother reading our Madison Avenue playbook.
  • They wrote their own.
  • The proverbial “growth hacks”.
  • Y’know who’s on the brink of stealing our thunder too?
  • The healthcare industry.
  • That’d include insurers, big pharma AND providers (as in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s practices).
  • Let me tell you: healthcare marketing professionals are learning the ropes and the tricks of the trade.
  • They are fast learners.
  • For one thing, they are intense CRM and social media users.
  • “Have you gone for your annual dental cleaning?
  • It is fully covered by your healthcare insurance plan!
  • How about a teeth-whitening session?
  • Yup, you must pay it in full out of pocket but it is only $199.”
  • There always is an upsell of some sort.
  • The medical professional has borrowed a page from Quick Service Restaurants.
  • Mind you, being marketed to by the healthcare industry can feel a bit crass at times.
  • Preventative medicine, however, is a great concept that saves time, resources and, specially, lives.
  • Getting periodic cancer checkups certainly beating treating a stage 2 tumor.
  • Better safe than sorry.
  • Not to be confused with defensive medicine: physicians who are so scared of misdiagnosing and get their rear ends sued that they just prescribe CT scans by default.
  • Thus piling up the bills.
  • Stacks of them.
  • Is there a way to do medical marketing without looking like a greedy healthcare huckster?
  • Sure, the trick is to calibrate the message in such a way that it doesn’t turn potential patients into hopeless hypochondriacs.
  • To be continued.



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