June 05, 2018

by Andy Checo / Havas Formula

During the past few months I’ve noticed quite a few industry articles (which I won’t list) focusing on the “do’s and don’ts” of marketing to Hispanics. However, the issue here is not about what not to do; the issue here is about doing! Stop thinking, and DO.

Do, just START. Don’t question whether it should be a stand-alone strategy or integrated with other marketing campaigns. No one cares. The way to understand this market is through trial and error and then adapt from those learnings to implement a long-standing strategy. Latinos know when brands are committed to the community, so don’t approach this as a one-time test. If your plan is only to “test the waters”, you might as well give up now and save the pennies you were thinking about allocating for a rainy day.  Latinos are not here temporarily, we are HERE and going nowhere else. Why should your approach towards the market be different than any other demographic?  

Having the right agency partners, matters.

Having internal teams that are knowledgeable about the market place, matters.

Allocating the appropriate (fair) amount of budget to truly make an impact, matters.

Connecting to 57 million customers, matters.

Need to know why? Give me a call, but please stop thinking about it and building a case for the “what not to do”. Build a case of the “what to do” and commit to it, because what did not work for others, may just work for you.


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