December 07, 2017

By Gaby Alcantara-Diaz - Semilla

As our nation faces an avalanche of sexual predatory accusations across numerous professions including our very own media industry, we should take note of our circle of influence between associates and agency-client relations.

As professionals ourselves, we can all share stories of evening business dinners, lunch meetings and travel escapades, where meaningful relationships have been cultivated, and yet, may have crossed the line.  

Although socializing and warm exchanges are a big part of doing business within Hispanic business circles, being mindful of a few cultural dynamics is in order.  "But it’s just a cultural thing," many may say.  Un besito. Un abracito.

Use cultural intelligence to drive business performance.

Build trust and confidence through appropriate cultural training among US and foreign born teams.

Define informality vs formality within your cross-cultural organization.

Cultural correctness cultivates meaningful business relations. Our cultural idiosyncrasies should never overlook respect or replace professional conduct.

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