March 03, 2020

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there when things don’t go as planned, and when this happens nothing better describes the feelings of U.S Hispanics than the lyrics of the popular song “Rata de dos patas” by Paquita la del barrio. State Farm is there for you, even when those “two-legged accidents” happen, just like the song.



Luis Miguel Messianu – Creative Chairman & CEO

Alvar Suñol – Co-President & CCO

Michelle Headley – SVP, Production & Operations

Julian Milanesi – Creative Director

Juan Valdivieso – Creative Director

Jonathan Garcia – Creative Director

Michelle Robles – Lead Content and Experience Creator

Jennifer Pollack – Sr. Director, Strategic Insights

Monica Ibañez – Sr. Planner, Strategic Insights

Rafael Sanchez – Sr. Integrated Producer

Karla Kruger – Sr. Group Business Director

Lucille Gratacos – Account Director

Tori Dunn – Account Executive

Isabel Rodriguez – Account Executive



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