December 01, 2020

Círculo Creativo USA announced today that Flor Leibaschoff has been elected as its new President for the 2021-22 term.

Flor is Group Creative Director at LERMA/ and has been in the advertising world for over 18 years. Her last 10 years were spent as Creative Director of some of the largest agencies in the US Hispanic market. She has helmed million-dollar campaigns for multinational brands. She was the first Hispanic in the industry to win a Young Lions at the Cannes festival, among many other international accolades. She began her career in Argentina at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Pari-Renault and Agulla & Baccetti.

She immigrated to the US in search of a greater challenge and has remained here ever since. She was a creative director at Dieste and inspire!, as well as Vice President and Secretary of Education of Círculo Creativo.

Flor remarks, “I am very excited about this opportunity. The Círculo opened the doors to the world for me and I hope now I can give back a little of everything it gave me. There is a very strong group behind the Círculo, and we all put a lot of effort into it to grow the industry. We have a lot of projects so members will get more out of it than ever this cycle. We want Círculo Creativo USA to be a space for everyone to demonstrate their talent, whether it’s their first time around or they are already very dizzy, dizzy, dizzy from all the Círculo and cycles over the years. The idea is that we can go around together in this industry that we love so much."

Flor will work closely with the following team:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS / Co-Chairmen of The Board of Directors:

  • Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and CEO at Alma
  • Aldo Quevedo, Principal and Creative Director at LERMA/
  • Gustavo Lauría, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at We Believers


  • Flor Leibaschoff, Group Creative Director at LERMA/
  • Pablo Buffagni, Creative Director and Head Chef at BBQ Agency
  • Mauricio Galván, EVP Creative Director at Fenton
  • Paco Olavarrieta, Chief Creative Officer at d expósito & Partners


  • Treasurer and Senior Advisor: Francisco Vargas, Partner at BizLift
  • Secretary and Senior Advisor: Bettina Abascal, Director at Momentum


  • Chicago: Javier Osorio, Freelance Creative Director
  • Dallas: Miguel Moreno, Brand Creative Director at LERMA/
  • Los Angeles: Elías Weinstock, Chief Creative Director at Casanova//McCann
  • Miami: Virgilio Flores, Creative Director at Alma
  • New York: Pepe Aguilar, Creative Prosperity Officer at Bloom


  • Chicago: José Suaste, Executive Creative Director at fluent360
  • Dallas: Verónica Elizondo, VP Group Creative Director at Conill Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Los Angeles: Fernando Poblete, Creative Director
  • Miami: Iván Calle, VP Executive Creative Director at Zubi; Paco Olavarrieta, Chief Creative Officer at d expósito & Partners
  • New York: Mauricio Galván, EVP Creative Director at Fenton; Maddy Kramer, Freelance Creative and Co-founder of inVisible Creatives; and Mica Gallino, Creative Director at JOAN Creative

Luis Miguel Messianu, Co-Chairman of Círculo Creativo USA and its first President, said “It is a source of great pride for me that after representing our market for the first time at the Cannes Lions Festival and winning a Silver at the Young Lions, when we achieved inclusion of US Hispanics, now Flor will become the second woman to preside over the Círculo! She is living proof of our mission of helping to elevate the talent and creative output of our market. I know she will take the Círculo to new heights!”

Gustavo Lauría, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of We Believers and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors said, “Ever since Flor joined me as VP in 2012 and 2013, she has played a key role in promoting initiatives that inspire young creatives and even exchanges with other Círculos, like the one in Mexico. For these reasons and more, we are so proud to have her as our new president.”

“Flor and I have worked together since she arrived in the country, and I have witnessed her meteoric growth, not only in the quality of her ideas, but especially as a businesswoman. Flor has a deep understanding of clients’ challenges and seeks surprising and effective creative solutions on each project, no matter how small it may seem. Flor genuinely leaves everything on the field with every brief. And with her as a leader, Círculo Creativo will benefit from that same attitude and dedication. I am sure that we are going to make that leap that we need as a country," added Aldo Quevedo, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Principal, Creative Director of LERMA/.
Founded in 1999, Círculo Creativo USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting creativity in the US Hispanic advertising market. Our mission is to raise the quality of creative work in the US Hispanic market. We defend creativity as the most powerful tool for business growth. We provide a platform to educate, inspire, collaborate, network, and connect brands and advertising festivals with our creative community in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.



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