January 31, 2020

Northgate Market, the family-owned and operated supermarket chain, alongside its agency Circus (part of MediaMonks, S4Capital’s content practice), launched an ingenious digital campaign featuring "behind-the-scenes" pre-roll ads that anticipate some of the biggest Super Bowl spots, reminding viewers that the products showcased in the ads they're about to see come from Northgate, "those big game ads start with us ." The clever campaign exemplifies Northgate Market's status as a challenger brand, pouncing on opportunity to win attention among giants in one of the most competitive moments in advertising-and without spending millions.


Taking inspiration from Super Bowl ads that had been publicly released just a week ahead of the game, Northgate Market partnered with Circus to efficiently produce short, pre-roll spots that pre-empt the content viewers are seeking out. The expert play and strategic media placement gives Northgate Market an opportunity to join in on the national conversation and engage local shoppers by showcasing its relevant stock. Northgate Markets behind the scenes efforts went live today, so beware and wait to see what happens behind the scenes on other ads soon.

Credits Advertiser: Northgate Market
Agency: Circus
CEO: Bruno Lambertini
Executive Creative Director: Federico Durán
Creative Director: Marcela Angeles
Art Director: Ximena Baltazar, Adrián Vásquez
Copywriter: Ricardo Sosa, Arah Kim, Alexandra Luna
Director of Digital: Aaron Nava
Account Manager: Nancy Diaz
Account Executive: Alex Anides
AV/ Motion Graphics: Alex María de Uriarte
Sound Design: Animal Music
Producer: Alejandro Gatti
Director: Alejandro Gatti / Roberto Escamilla
Production Company: Viernes Media
Advertiser supervisors: Victor Huerta , Lizette Gonzalez



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