May 30, 2018


  By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc  /

  • Due to my side gig as a columnist extraordinaire for this prestigious publication I tend to get my fair share of press releases.
  • Nine out of ten times the announcements are irrelevant.
  • The usual self-aggrandizing half-truths that populate our wide world of marketing, media and advertising.
  • Every now and then, however, I am lucky enough to bump into a truly disrupting concept or initiative.
  • Enter The Dream VR.
  • VR as in Virtual Reality.
  • I bumped into one of its founding partners at a birthday party, drink in hand.
  • A gentleman of Spanish nationality.
  • Mind you, The Dream VR is not some start-up with potential.
  • It is a reality (no pun intended).
  • It is fully operational in three continents.
  • It has signed distribution & partnership deals with some of the most emblematic brands in the media world.
  • Its grid includes over ten channels with immersive programming on various genres: sports, gaming, food, fashion, travel, music, kids, you name it.
  • It runs on multiple platforms and outlets: Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Topying and Pico, to name a few.
  • Plus, it plays out of its own iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • To give you a little perspective: there are over 300 million Samsung Smart TVs in the world.
  • And counting.
  • The Dream VR’s immersive proprietary technology is second to none.
  • The user can control camera angles with his/her very finger.
  • And now for the cherry on the cake: The Dream VR has just signed an exclusive deal to launch the new official channel of Real Madrid F.C. in 360º & VR.
  • Imagine a behind-the-scenes experience roaming the field, the stands and the corridors of the emblematic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium during game day.
  • At your will, in a fly-on-the wall manner.
  • The deal comes with access to Real Madrid’s various social feeds reaching more than 560 million fans around the world.
  • Call me anytime and I’ll personally broker a brand integration deal with them
  • I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, this is not the future of content: it is the present.
  • You gotta see it to believe it:
  • Don’t miss out.




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