September 21, 2019

On the second anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s devastating impact on Puerto Rico, Richards / Lerma, a Dallas-based Hispanic ad agency announced the launch of a multi-media campaign supporting the efforts of a unified coalition created to intensify fundraising for the years-long effort to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Fundación Colibrí Puerto Rico, Hispanic Federation and PRxPR have joined forces as the #MariaIsStillHere Coalition, noting that more than 30,000 homes in Puerto Rico remain without roofs and neighborhoods across the island struggle to meet basic needs. Maria wrought $90 billion in damage and claimed over 3,000 lives.

Since Sept. 20, 2017, the #MariaIsStillHere Coalition partners have:

Installed solar energy and water capturing and purification systems in multiple community centers, which now serve social and community needs while they double as shelters for future disasters in rural and remote communities.
Distributed food, clean water, medical aid, household commodities and tools to thousands of elders, children and some of the most affected sectors of the Island.
•Repaired roofs, removed debris/mold, rebuilt structures, and established community kitchens for disadvantaged residents.
Funded grants to small agro-ecological farmers for tools, seeds, farming equipment and reconstruction materials in order to plant again.
Funded initiatives to develop long-term solutions to the island’s energy crisis

“Here in Puerto Rico is the heartbreaking evidence of the long-term devastation that is produced by hurricane Maria,” said Carmen Báez, Founder of PRxPR. “Rebuilding takes far longer than anyone would like, and it takes far more resources than governments can provide. We need deeper, sustained commitment from our American compatriots and beyond.”

In an effort to support the coalition’s long-term reconstruction efforts, Richards / Lerma, in collaboration with OMD Media, RO2 Media and Brodeur Partners, has launched a powerful campaign that highlights the still stark reality of everyday life in Puerto Rico two years after the hurricane touched on the island. By presenting this crude, unvarnished reality, the campaign seeks to motivate action in communities across America, urging them to donate to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.

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