May 11, 2017

You’ve been to an industry conference recently where a seemingly all-knowing marketing guru, media futurist or digital  “expert” asked you to put your hand up in response to his “provocative,” but leading, question such as...

  • ...Except sports and big specials, how many of you here still watch live TV?
  • ...For the TV you do watch, how many here are time-shifting all the commercials?
  • ...How many people here couldn’t live without your smartphone?
  • ...How many people here watch most of their video content on a mobile device?
  • ...How many people here watch more content on streaming apps than TV?

You then looked around the ballroom, saw nearly everyone else’s hand up and immediately assumed this behavior naturally projects out across the American population.

But just because you, an advertising professional, possess these behaviors does that mean everyone else in this country does too?

This report set out to address this very question with a survey conducted among the advertising community across the spectrum of decision-making disciplines. Results in regards to our lifestyle, device ownership and media consumption were compared to syndicated research for the average population to show the true contrast between “the advertising industry bubble” and the “average everyday American.”

The goal of this report is to determine if we let our own unique lifestyle and media consumption habits inadvertently affect our views.

To download report CLICK HERE.



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