November 13, 2019

The Latino community is every day becoming stronger and stronger as a key influencer of the US marketplace. The Hispanic consumer is becoming a powerful force in our economic tapestry, likened to the millennial. According to a study, by the year 2020, the Latino community will contribute nearly 12.7% to the total US GDP growth. This is being seen as a great initiative, as advertisers are now tapping the local consumer group market of the Latino community.

Latino consumer numbers are increasing in many cities across the US. A unique attribute of this demographic is that they gravitate toward their age-old traditions, whether related to education, community interactions, purchasing/spending, food and other culturally connected arenas.

Healthy Meal Options for Families

According to The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer study on Latino food purchases, 82% of Latinos choose fresh foods over packaged foods, 63% of Latinos consume organic foods and 63% of Latinos eat meals influenced by their Latin country of origin. Latino consumers prefer going to food establishments that provide healthy meal options. As they are very close with their families, they favor brands that offers options for all family members to enjoy together. Advertisers can benefit from these such statistics in marketing to this cultural demographic. Bodegas and C-stores can collect important data via the POS system, to help manufacturers understand the needs of this traditional niche. A high tech POS system such as the National Retail Solutions POS, doesn’t just track sales and inventory but also offers manufacturers opportunities to understand consumers’ purchasing habits, offers advertisers opportunities to promote products on a large, customer-facing ad screen at checkout, and offers customers a loyalty program to receive special discounts on popular items they and their family enjoy.

Study Cultural Traditions

Advertisers seeking to target a large number of Latin Americans can benefit from understanding consumers’ traditional values and their association with their old-world traditions back in their homeland. For popular products which are/were also famous in Hispanics’ native countries, utilizing printed ad materials and advertising special promotions on-screen in the store at the point of purchase, can win loyalty and sustain long-term patronage. A strong point of sale system can gather data to help advertisers and store owners identify the customers’ cultural spending preferences.

Implement Culturally Diversified Marketing

Research indicates that Latino people do not forget their homeland or cultural traditions. There is a vast cultural influence over the products or the foods they purchase. If it comes from their country, then they may be more loyal to their known brands. It’s important, however, not to focus only on one demographic, but to diversify marketing efforts by advertising in both English and Spanish to improve ROI.

By understanding the unique cultural needs of the Latino community, and the impact of eye-level, on-screen advertising on customer-facing screens at checkout, advertisers can successfully peak the interest of this loyal consumer base, increasing revenue for manufacturers, advertisers and retailers.

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Elie Y. Katz
Founder, President & CEO • National Retail Solutions
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