November 02, 2017

By Isaac Mizrahi - Co President, Chief Operating Officer at Alma

I have already written about this before, and I think this is probably one of the biggest misconceived concepts marketers have in this country. One that keeps fueling the "one size fits all" Total Market approach.

By assessing their choice for headline, even the Pew Research team show a little bias towards the chart on your right side (Share of Latinos who Speak Spanish) instead of focusing on the chart on the left (Absolute number of Latinos who speak Spanish).

Why is this discussion important?

Simple, if marketers really believe that there are less Spanish speaking Latinos in the country they may be tempted to significantly decrease or cut completely their language based efforts to connect with the segment.

Now, we all know (or should know by now) that culture is what defines a strong message strategy to Latinos, but language still plays a significant role on building a connection between the segment and brands.

So let me try to edit a bit the headline of this great study to switch the focus from incidence (or share) to absolute numbers. How about his one?

"Usage of Spanish language by Latinos up 19% in the last decade. More Latinos than ever speak Spanish in the U.S."

To read Pew Research article CLICK HERE.




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