October 15, 2020

2021 memberships for Círculo Creativo USA are now open. There are some major changes in next year’s membership model. Before, there were 2 types of memberships: individual and corporate. Now agency, individual,  production and post-production house memberships are available.


With these changes, Círculo Creativo USA can focus its efforts as well as offer its members exclusive events and classes including webinars, virtual events, and content. Once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Círculo Creativo will resume its free, local, in-person events for its members. Non-members may buy tickets online to attend these exclusive events.


This change is due to the fact that in past years, 95% of individual members were sponsored by agencies. To facilitate the process and offer agencies a benefit, Círculo Creativo USA will make different types of memberships available:

3 levels of memberships for Hispanic agencies, depending on the agency.

  1. Memberships for general market agencies, regional agencies, public relations companies, media companies and other agencies with employees of Hispanic origin.
  2. Individual memberships for creatives who want to be members and currently work at non-member agencies, memberships for Hispanic freelancers who work for Hispanic or general market agencies, memberships for unemployed professionals, and memberships for advertising students and teachers.
  3. Memberships for production houses, post-production houses and photographers.

The major advantage of our new agency memberships is that all the agencies’ employees are automatically members, no matter what area they work in: creatives, account service, production, digital, planning and strategy, promotions, media or finance. All their employees and newly hired employees throughout the year will automatically be members. However, if employees leave the agency, their status changes depending on whether their new agency is a member of Círculo Creativo USA or not.

In addition, the new production house memberships automatically confer membership on all their directors, producers, staff and sales reps under the same conditions as agency memberships.

As for individual memberships, if a creative wants to become a member when his or her agency is not a member, that can be done. If by June 30, 2020, the agency decides to become a member, Círculo Creativo will refund the individual membership to the creative.

Círculo Creativo is also announcing a promotion for new members: Become a new member now and receive a free membership for the remaining months in 2020 when you pay the 2021 membership fee.

To become a member, visit https://www.circulocreativo.org/membership

To find out more about Círculo Creativo USA’s activities and benefits, visit https://www.circulocreativo.org/about


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