October 25, 2018

Jose Cuervo Tradicional is celebrating its Mexican roots with an authentic Día De Muertos campaign. Cuervo is bpaying homage to heroes from Mexican culture that embody the spirit of its Tradicional expression. Cuervo developed vibrant Ofrendas for each hero with objects to tell the stories of these heroes and a Tradicional cocktail for each to enjoy on their trip back to the land of the living.

The Cuervo Ofrendas will welcome the below heroes back this Día De Muertos:

Ana Gonzalez Rubio y de la Torre (1857 – 1934): Cuervo founding lady who promoted the development of the Tequila market and celebrate for her philanthropic endeavors in the town of Tequila. She will enjoy an Agave Anita Margaritaon her trip back to the land of the living


Maria Izquierdo (1902 – 1955): The painter, whose work focused on Mexican heritage and imagery, is the first Mexican female artist to exhibit in the US. She will enjoy a Paint It Red Paloma on her trip back to the land of the living

Emilliano Zapata (1879 – 1919): The Mexican revolutionist who lead the peasant revolution in the state of Morelos, and the inspiration of the Zapatismo agrarian movement. He will enjoy a glass of Libertad Libations Punch on his trip back to the land of the living

Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852 -1913): The printmaker and illustrator who used imagery of skulls, bones and calaveras to impact social change. He will enjoy The Calaveras Black Salt Tequila Shot on his trip back to the land of the living

Jose Cuervo Tradicional’s Ofrendas will be featured on Jose Cuervo social media and in a digital media campaign.



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