June 28, 2018

Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) has been awarded the 2018 Excellence in New Communications Award in the Communications, Communities and Collaboration - Academic Division by the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) for the Tu Tienes Valor (You Have Courage) campaign. The prestigious awards program honors individuals and organizations for the exemplary use of digital, mobile and social media.

Created by Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications, the campaign exemplifies AGMUS’s unique bilingual model of education. The focus of the campaign is to relay a multi-tiered aspirational approach using the different English meanings for the Spanish word “VALOR” to engage future students, elevate the brand and increase enrollment by targeting Latino Millennials. The campaign emphasizes the “courage” Latinos need to further their education, as well as the “value” students bring to the University and society overall, while giving “value” to the unique benefits of learning a career in a dual-language environment. The campaign was launched in traditional and digital outlets where AGMUS has a presence.

The model of education offered at Ana G. Méndez is at the forefront of the changing global economy, transforming students into bilingual professionals who can compete in the national and international market, "said Luis Zayas-Seijo, Vice President of National Affairs. "We congratulate Latin2Latin for internalizing our mission and executing a multimedia platform strategy that diversified the source of applications and successfully introduced the institution in the digital marketing.

“The VALOR campaign exemplifies Latin2Latin’s mastery of cultural insights and portrays the understanding of the Hispanic education niche in the U.S. depicting the many levels of value and courage of AGMUS student body” said Arminda Figueroa, Founder of Latin2Latin. “VALOR was part of a strategy that transformed how we engage target audiences implementing creative marketing technologies to augment lead generation and conversion.



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