March 26, 2014

If Hispanic Adult Millennials could have their ideal work schedule, what would it be? Tr3s has the answers, drawing from data from its soon-to-be released 2014 Hispanic Adult Millennial study. Here are some key findings on how Hispanics ages 19 to 34 would like to spend their workweeks:

Hispanics 19-29 and 30-34 have very different life situations -- and divergent ideal work schedules as a result. Compared with Hispanics 30-34, 19-29s are considerably more likely to work part-time, live with their parents, and not have children. Because most 19-29s still don't have full-time work or families of their own, they want to get their careers in order. Hispanics 30-34 are more likely to be balancing full-time jobs and families of their own.

Hispanics 19-29 are less likely than 30-34s to have full-time jobs, but more likely to see them as ideal. Among 19-29s, 46% work full-time and 57% say that would be ideal. Part-time work is common but not preferred (44% of 18-29s work part-time, only 17% say that's ideal). Within the 30-34 set, 73% are full-time employees - and a smaller percentage (51%) sees that as ideal.

19-29s want to work more, while 30-34s want to work less. A 5-day workweek is most agreeable to Hispanics 19-29, but not all have that schedule (50% say 5 days is ideal, 41% work 5 days). A 4-day work week is relatively uncommon among both age groups, but seen as an attractive possibility. For number of hours in an average workweek, 19-29s say more hours than what they're currently working would be ideal (with 36 to 45 hours as the preferred range). However, 30-34s are more likely to work 36 to 45 hours - and more likely to say fewer (11 to 25 hours in particular) would be ideal.

A weekday 9-to-5 schedule is appealing - especially for 19-29s, who are more likely to have irregular hours or shift work. While 48% of Hispanics 19-29 work 9-to-5, more say that would be ideal (57%). Irregular schedules are particularly common among 19-29s, but not seen as ideal. Hispanics 30-34 are more likely to work 9-to-5 but less likely to say that's ideal - but an “other schedule” would be.

For female Hispanic Adult Millennials, a regular schedule is particularly important. Likely because it's easier to arrange childcare around a routine, a weekday 9-to-5 schedule is appealing (ideal to 60% of females and 49% of males). While most see a 5-day week as ideal, there is also a lot of interest in a 4-day workweek.

Source: Tr3s Hispanic Adult Millennial Study (2014)


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