March 14, 2018

According to the first report on Immigration Investments by Globofran, it offers a glimpse to where Latin Americans in the USA come from, what they invest in, and where they prefer to live.  Mexico is the country that has had the largest number of residency permits granted, accounting for 39% of the Latin American total, as well as "non-immigrant" investor visas issued, with more than 3,700 issued in 2016.

But it is not only Mexico with the largest number of "green cards" among Latin Americans; people from the Dominican Republic and Cuba have also obtained large numbers of green cards.

Regarding investment visas granted under the EB-5 program, in 2016 Brazil was in first place, followed by Venezuela. The EB-5 program requires an investor to provide at least US$ 500,000 to a project certified by the UCSIS in order to obtain legal residence.

"This is the first report with reliable data that shows Latin American behavior in terms of investment and migration. It also shows the importance of this community in the growth of the United States economy," said Jorge Partidas, CEO of Globofran.

In what do Latinos invest in the US?

According to the Globofran study, Latinos prefer to invest and work in:

  •     Residential and corporate maintenance (20%)
  •     Restaurants (18%)
  •     Vehicle repair and maintenance (16%)

Where do they prefer to live?


The data analyzed confirm that more than 50% of Latin Americans residing in the USA live in:

  •     California (27.1%)
  •     Texas (18.8%)  
  •     Florida (8.7%)

In terms of cities with the most favorable cost of living, Houston is most accessible with its annual average of US$ 47,000. New York has the highest average cost of living, at more than US$ 61,000 per year.

To download report, CLICK HERE.





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