I think the US Tennis Association (USTA) may need to begin channeling that famous ABC Sports tagline: "the thrill of victory and

In it's August 10th cover story about marketing to Hispanics, the Miami Herald opened its article with a reference to Univision's Saturday-night variety show host Don Francisco.  No big deal but the

Last night at a standing room only ESPN Deportes premier, the Miami ad and media industry enjoyed a documentary about the life of one of the best Cuban pitchers in the  professional baseball Luis

The great national golfing nightmare is over.  And we have a Mexicana and a South Korean woman among others to thank.

     Jack Rico is founder and editor of, a website dedicated to providing movie information and reviews to Spanish speaking audiences.

      Just read Nancy Hill’s op-ed piece titled ‘Fair Play’ in P&C magazine.  Ms.

     We talked to Roberto Sneider about the film “Arrancame La Vida”, based on the novel by Angeles Mastreta. He directed and wrote the screenplay. This movie will be in US theaters soon.

     I’m talking about the SHAW WOW infomercial and the infamous Vince Offer AKA Vince Schlomi.

     As our Hispanic market gains visibility and strategic importance clients are stepping up their game, becoming smarter and interested in what makes our consumers tick.

Those who know me know that I've been a magazine junkie for years, so even during these times when the print industry is going through a very rough time there are a few moments to celebrate (or criticize).  H

       Co-Star of Napoleon Dynamite (Pedro).

A few weeks after 9/11, I had to attend a business meeting that was being held on the lot of a Hollywood movie studio.  I had been inside studios for meetings before but right after 9/11 it was a major ordeal

   As the economy goes from bad to worse and consumer sentiment continues to dip, it seems we all need a little bit of fun that will not break our already emaciated piggy banks.

    We have received numerous calls over the last couple of weeks asking our opinion about the Industry at large and how we see 2009 and 2010.

After 25+ years in the business, I have come to one realization.

    Just two more nights. Only two more chances.  Will this be the mainstream media report on the significance of the U.S. Hispanic market that explains it’s total composition?