Mr. Jose Villa over the last couple of years, you have embarked on a journey through several trade journals to predict the demise of the current state of the US Hispanic Ad Industry.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally parked myself at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway to see "In the Heights," the Tony award-winning musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, about New York's Nuyorican and Dominican ne

Over the last two weeks, I have heard experts (that I consider experts) and self-proclaimed experts (too many) on reaching Hispanics on trying to answer the question of reaching US Hispanics in either English or Spanish

By: Enrique R. Turégano - alPunto Advertising

Earlier this week MTV announced this year's nominees for its Video Music Awards (VMAs) and one name you didn't hear mentioned in the Best Hip Hop Video category was Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi.  That's right,

  Just like the movie ‘A Day without a Mexican’ that famously presented the impact the Mexicans have on the economy of California, now imagine based on the wishes of some executives in our industry that would like to see Spanish-Language media die a miserable death.

    By Chiqui Cartagena

Surprising results make me question the methodology of the survey

This week the Center for American Progress published results of a new study they conducted in conjunction with A Woman's Nation, the Rockefeller Foundation and TIME magazine regarding public attitudes about women, society and the work place. The research was fielded (via telephone) in the Summer of 2009 and included a 10% “oversample of Latinos,” which were allowed to answer the survey in either English or Spanish. (They have yet to confirm how many surveys were actually conducted in Spanish).

What is perplexing to me, however, were the results. The study found that Latino attitudes were “basically in line with those of other groups” but that on some issues - like the rise of women in the workplace and balancing work and life issue, Latinos were actually more open-minded that their General Market counterparts - honestly, I started spitting my coffee out and asking myself, ¿qué, qué?

"There's a huge audience out there that wants to see people on television that look and live their lives like they do.  We're happy to accommodate them."  That's how Steve Koonin, president of Turner Networks

There seems to be a pattern with Arizona.  First the refusal to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a holiday and now an anti-Hispanic immigration law.

   Mexican art directors, account managers and staff who work at the multicultural advertising agency, Adrenalina, New York, will march in support of immigrants and workers rights and to voice opposition to Arizona's new immigration law at a rally and march today at Union Square, 14th Street and Broadway.

Adrenalina personnel, including the ad agency's creative, account management and strategic teams who have visas to work in the U.S., are legal residents and who are U.S.-born Hispanics, will wear white T-shirts conceived and designed by their colleagues bearing the phrase “I Look Illegal.”

I have not seen this film but I'm starting to get a good vibe about "The Perfect Game."  But I will definitely go see it this weekend.

     “Ask a Mexican” Gustavo Arellano is a writer with OC Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Orange County, California, and a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times.

   As I write this blog entry with just a few days to go until the NGLC Conference, I'm remembering the last piece I wrote about five years ago entitled "Time to Bake a Bigger Pie."  It touched upon the importance of our industry embracing

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