A couple of weeks ago I finally parked myself at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway to see "In the Heights," the Tony award-winning musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, about New York's Nuyorican and Dominican ne

    By Miguel Gomez Winebrenner / Cheskin

   Many of you already read my first contribution to ‘Soledad Vendiendo La Mentirita’ series (CLICK HERE to read the first one if you have not done so).

  I am amazed by the number of Hispanic professionals and non-Hispanic professionals that accept that Soledad O’Brien is representative of our Latino Experience in the USA.  I have been wanting to blog about this specific issue for a while, but

Over the last two weeks, I have heard experts (that I consider experts) and self-proclaimed experts (too many) on reaching Hispanics on trying to answer the question of reaching US Hispanics in either English or Spanish

By Christine Clavijo-Kish - Senior Vice President, Multicultural Markets at PR Newswire

By Gene Bryan - CEO /

Earlier this week MTV announced this year's nominees for its Video Music Awards (VMAs) and one name you didn't hear mentioned in the Best Hip Hop Video category was Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi.  That's right,

  Just like the movie ‘A Day without a Mexican’ that famously presented the impact the Mexicans have on the economy of California, now imagine based on the wishes of some executives in our industry that would like to see Spanish-Language media die a miserable death.

   Have been following a blog dedicated to Cross Culturalism by Ken Muench who is now at DraftFCB in Chicago via Grupo Gallegos and Casanova Pendrill.

   Yesterday was one of those days when you had to pull out your notebook and jot down some interesting thoughts from a conversation.  Having coffee with Liliana Gil, Cultural Intelligence expert for AG-XL Alliance in T

"There's a huge audience out there that wants to see people on television that look and live their lives like they do.  We're happy to accommodate them."  That's how Steve Koonin, president of Turner Networks

     This last week I was asked by a prospective client to give him my definition of what I thought it meant to be Hispanic.

"A paragraph or two at the most" he stated.

There seems to be a pattern with Arizona.  First the refusal to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a holiday and now an anti-Hispanic immigration law.

I have not seen this film but I'm starting to get a good vibe about "The Perfect Game."  But I will definitely go see it this weekend.