November 08, 2012

    As I watched the diverse news channels stumbling over one another to call the election in the US and the Caribbean, I have found two very important elements that will impact our Industry going forward based on the results.

1- The US Hispanic Market according to the DNC or the RNC is the “group” to cater to going forward politically in America.  Thus, highlighting the importance of our Consumers once again.  This will increase future political and corporate spending in all of our media outlets.

2- The island of Puerto Rico voted 54% in favor to become the 51st State of our Union, adding 4 millions Latino Consumers to the US market that are US Citizens by birth.  This requires Congress to approve Puerto Rico becoming the 51st State, President Obama favors the inclusion.

Both offer opportunities for our Industry.

More interest in our consumers and a potential 4 million + consumers in our industry consumer base for US clients, client opportunities for our US based Hispanic agencies and economies of scale for our media companies on the island.

What do you think?

Eugenio (Gene) Bryan

CEO — serving the Puerto Rico advertising, marketing & sales industries — serving the US Hispanic advertising, marketing & media professional — Hispanic Chief Marketing Officers exchanging ideas — serving the Hispanic Public Relations professional — insight for reaching Hispanics — Thought Leadership for the US Hispanic Ad, Marketing, Media and PR pros

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