August 30, 2005

In a bold move that reflects the growth of the Hispanic market across the country, International Galleries Inc. (IGI) launches their first advertising campaign in Spanish -- targeting the Hispanic consumer instead of so-called mainstream America. With Hispanic population growth reaching minority-majority proportions in various states as announced by the US Census Bureau in August, IGI is ahead of a trend, launching its first ad campaign in a language other than English. IGI, well known in the art world for the impact it has created with its direct selling method linking artists and consumers, is launching their campaign in Chicago with 60-second radio spots that promote what the company does for its
Hispanic members and the quick, positive impact the opportunity has had on their lives.

"We didn't target Hispanics, yet they have made a great impact on our company," said Paul J Myer, CEO and founder of IGI. "We are delighted to be selling artwork not only of famous artists but of well known and up-and-coming Hispanic artists as well. We have seen the income levels of our Hispanic members grow exponentially and that is having a dramatic impact in their lives and communities. It is the fulfillment of my dream for IGI to transform lives, the artists' lives and that of the members."

Mexican singing and acting sensation, Fernando Allende, actor, producer, director and painter, is IGI's first official celebrity spokesperson. "Fernando is one of our best selling artists and truly comprehends what IGI has done to benefit artists and promote art around the world while changing people's lives," said Paul J Myer, CEO and founder of International Galleries, Inc. "Fernando is uniquely suited to be our spokesperson and we are delighted that he has become our ambassador."

"IGI helped make one of my dreams reality and opened an entire new world of possibilities for me as a painter," said Allende. "My works are now within reach of many people, from all walks of life, like I always dreamed and the reproductions are faithful to the original artwork in a way I never thought possible. My own people are enjoying my work and making an incredible living too!"


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