January 18, 2011

Manuel Cadenas, a long-time Coral Gables resident, will sign copies of his memoir, Memories of a Journey Through Time, at the Coral Gables branch of Book & Books on Monday, March 7, from six to nine in the evening.

Mr. Cadenas permanently moved to the United States in 1960 after having been educated at Andover Academy and MIT. On March 7 he will talk of his experiences raising a family in Connecticut and South Florida, of moving his family to Australia, Uruguay, Mexico and elsewhere while working for the Uniroyal corporation as an engineer, and of making an exciting new life in South Florida.

In these memoirs, Manuel A. Cadenas traces the adventures of a young man growing up in Cuba during the 1920s through the 1950s in the rural sugar plantations and throughout the ranching and coastal elements of Camaguey. There are striking narratives of hunting, fishing, political and family events with geographic and cultural contrasts during periods when his parents, like a few other families in Cuba of that era, sent their son to attend Phillips Academy at Andover and MIT, graduating as an engineer like his father and grandfather. Later, with his wife Hilda Cadenas Cabarrocas and three young children, he recounts the difficult period in the 1960s when the family leaves everything they own behind in Cuba to live in the United States, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and other travels throughout the world. Left behind were treasured family properties and heirlooms, including the last trophy presented by Ernest Hemingway for the largest white marlin in the famed author's final fishing tournament held during May, 1960 in Havana. On their sojourn around the world, the family takes with them the basic principles of reverence for God, family, education, persistence, and the spirit to pursue many other adventures.

The book reading and signing is free and open to the public and copies will be available for purchase. Book & Books is located at 265 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables, Florida. For information please phone 305 442-4408 or go to www.booksandbooks.com


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