July 29, 2008

With a selection of seventeen songs of famous Puerto Rican, Latin American and Caribbean singers and composers, the Puerto Rican singer, Marisol Calero will present her bohemian musical “Mis” Joyas Prestadas, in Miami, at the café theatre, Kimbara Cumbara on September 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th.

A distinctive style and extraordinary tenor, has made her one of Puerto Rico's most recognized and important singers.

Her debut as a singer was classified by the national press as “sensational”, a career that began to get underway in 1986 in “Conmigo No”.

Marisol has three record productions; “Frágil”, “Conmigo No” and “Duende de la Noche”. These productions gave way to triumphant productions, “Te Voy a Dejar”, “Ámame toda la Noche” and “Ojala” among others.

Her voice has been part of successful musicals, “El Diluvio que Viene”, “El Plantón”, “Clemente” and “Están tocando Nuestra Canción”, presented in Panama, Puerto Rico and Miami.
In “Mis” Joyas Prestadas, Marisol will be accompanied by an orchestra of 7 musicians, under the musical direction of Milton Sesentón. It will be a musical run of exquisite musical genres such as ballads, “guaracha” and “el son”.

For more information, call 786-247-2957


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