January 22, 2012

Santillana USA announced a 78% increase in e-book sales for the November 2011-January 2012 period. This increase, which corresponds to the United Sates and Puerto Rico alone, has been the biggest recorded by the company since it started offering titles in a digital format. Record breaking sales of e-readers and tables for the last holiday season is credited with propelling e-book purchases.

Hispanic readers purchased titles in various categories, with literature, romance, and biographies being the most popular ones. This reflects a broad interest of a community in search of digital books in Spanish. In terms of titles, Santillana USA's most sought after e-books were La Reina del Sur by Arturo Perez-Reverte, Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago, and Stephanie Meyer's Amanecer (Breaking Dawn). The balance of the sales were distributed evenly among the 1,350 e-books belonging to publisher's current catalog.

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