January 14, 2001

Parlo (www.parlo.com), a provider of language and cultural e-learning, gathered its team of linguistic experts to debate the best language for expressing romance this Valentine's Day. While most people believe their language is the sexiest, and romance is all in the ear of the listener, here are the top ten picks from Parlo's editors:

1. French - Je t'aime

2. Portuguese - Eu te amo

3. Korean - Sa-rang-hae-yo

4. Italian - Ti amo

5. Malay - Saya chintamu

6. Albanian - Te dua

7. Creole - Mi aime jou

8. Quechua (Bolivia) - Qanta munani

9. Greenlandic - Asavakit

10. Arabic - Bahibak

Of course, not every language makes it easy to utter those three magic words. Parlo's editors found the following languages a bit more of a romantic challenge, at least to many English-speakers.

1. Alsatian- Ich hoan dich gear

2. Russian - Ya tebya lyublyu

3. Chichewa (Malawi) - Ndimakukonda

4. Urdu - Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai

5. Nepali - Ma timilai maya garchhu

6. Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort

7. Telugu (Indian Dialect) - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu

8. Turkish - Seni seviohrum

9. Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia oe

10. Zulu - Ngiya kuthanda

To learn more, hear many of these words and other international "I Love You's" pronounced by a Parlo spokesperson, and get the debate going with your listeners, readers or viewers, call 212-204-6534.

For a list of 100 Ways To Say "I Love You" visit http://www.parlo.com.

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