December 16, 2000

The Army announced a compelling new advertising campaign, marking its first major change in advertising direction since 1981.

Ads unveiled today by Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera will open the innovative campaign, which centers on the message "An Army of One." The multimedia campaign, the result of extensive research, will present a powerful, 21st century appeal, highlighting Army values and unity while relating them to the personal aspirations of today's youth.

"The `Army of One' campaign focuses on the strength and teamwork of the U.S. Army as a united force of many soldiers, while reinforcing the concept that each individual makes a unique contribution to the Army's success," said Secretary Caldera. "Today's youth want to feel empowered to make a difference individually and as a group." Mr. Caldera added, "This campaign illustrates the personal transformation that occurs when young men and women become soldiers, and develop into leaders. This transformation is a result of the training, expertise and empowerment only the Army can provide."

"Last year all our components were successful in making their recruiting targets," said Army Chief of Staff Eric K. Shinseki. "Everyone recruited made a personal commitment to serve our Nation."

Members of the Army staff and Linda Wolf, chief executive officer of Leo Burnett USA, joined Caldera for the Pentagon announcement unveiling the ads, a redesigned recruiting web site and a bold new logo. A three-agency marketing alliance led by Chicago-based Leo Burnett USA developed the new national communications campaign with Army officials. Cartel Creativo, a San Antonio-based Hispanic agency, and IMAGES USA, an African-American agency in Atlanta, developed integrated cultural strategies to reach Hispanic and African-Americans. The Army selected all three agencies in June 2000 to carry out a new performance-based advertising agency contract.

The exciting television commercials and vivid print advertisements feature real soldiers who personify the essence of "An Army of One." The ads also highlight the vast range of career opportunities - "212 different ways to be a soldier" - available to recruits. "Rather than using actors, we feel that using real soldiers shows the true face of the Army - individuals who have been transformed into strong Army leaders," Wolf said. "We received an overwhelmingly positive response from young adults who previewed the campaign."

The new campaign employs a full range of media from television to radio, to direct mail to the web site and Internet activities to target youth and those who influence them. The campaign initially will consist of three television spots and ten print ads. The first television commercial airs Jan. 11 on NBC during the hit comedy "Friends," which begins at 8 p.m. (EST). Additional commercials will air on other prime-time television programs over the following weeks.

"The world has changed and the Army needs advertising that better relates to today's young men and women," said Maj. Gen. Dennis D. Cavin, commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. "`An Army of One' connects with our prospective soldiers by challenging them to stretch their limits and be part of something bigger than themselves. I am both inspired and confident that this campaign will make a positive, lasting impression on our recruiting program."

The new communications campaign will be used throughout the U.S. Army, unifying powerful recruiting messages for the active Army, Army Reserve and Army ROTC.

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