January 12, 2001

Warning computer users of a fast spreading virus known as "Anna Kournikova" or VBS-Kalamar.A. This virus is a mass-mailer, using Outlook to email itself as an attachment, and is spreading rapidly in the wild.

Indications Of Infection
- Presence of the file "c:\WINDOWS\AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs"
- Presence of the registry key: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\OnTheFly
- Users complaining that you've sent them a virus.

Method Of Infection
This script arrives as an email attachment which. Opening this attachment infects your machine. Once infected, the script attempts to mail itself to all recipients found in the Windows Address Book.

Removal Instructions
Use specified engine and DAT files for detection and removal. Delete any file which contains this detection.

Virus Information
Discovery Date: 8/14/00
Origin: Virus Construction Kit, Intentional
Length: Varies
Type: Virus
SubType: VbScript
Risk Assessment: High

Anna Kournikova, AnnaKournikova, VBS/Anna, VBS/SST, VBS/SST-A (Sophos), VBS/SST.A (Panda), VBS/VBSWG.J (F-Prot), VBS_Kalamar.a (Trend)

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