February 13, 2001

W32/[email protected] is a HIGH RISK virus that is spread using the Windows email program Outlook. The infected email can come from addresses that you recognize. Attached is a file named NakedWife.exe, which poses as a Flash movie. When run, it copies itself to a TEMP directory and displays a window entitled “Flash” which reads “JibJab loading”.

It then attempts to delete all .BMP, .COM, .DLL, .EXE, .INI, and .LOG files in the WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories, and also emails each recipient in the Windows Address Book using Microsoft Outlook with the following message:

Subject: Fw: Naked Wife
My wife never look like that! ;-)

Best regards,
(sender’s name)

Attachment: NakedWife.exe

Choosing the HELP/ABOUT menu in the “Flash” window displays a message entitled “Flash” which reads “You are now F**CKED! (C) 20001 by BGK (Bill Gates Killer)”

Do not open !!!!!!!!

For more information at http://mcafee.com/

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