November 11, 2001

Enlace Communications has produced a new Christmas season television spot for client Macy's, a West Coast division of Federated Department Stores, that will debut on Spanish-language television stations in Western markets, announced Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, President and Principal, Enlace Communications.

The spot entitled, "Christmas Brand," will debut on Spanish-language television stations December 7 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Fresno markets.

The "Christmas Brand" spot promotes Macy's and the wide selection of gifts and items available throughout the store. The holiday ad offers a twist on the 2001 campaign theme of "Más Gusto. Más Tú" (More Pleasure. More you.) that was started early spring 2001 with the Christmas theme of "Más Regalos.Más Tú" (More Presents. More You.)

In the "Christmas Brand" spot, a little girl in her second-story bedroom is looking straight into a room in the house across the street. She sees a little boy and his mother, who are in the midst of wrapping Christmas presents purchased at Macy"s. The boy takes out a small Macy's bag out of a larger shopping bag. He opens it and pulls out two small bracelets. He awkwardly starts to wrap the gift. His mother offers to help, but he wants to wrap this present all by himself. She pulls out a sweater from another Macy's shopping bag as she continues to tend to the presents. The little girl strains to see the action from her window across the street.

The little boy finishes wrapping the present and he leaves the room as his mom smiles as she pulls out a beautiful vase from her Macy's shopping bag. The little girl has lost sight of the boy. She hears the doorbell ring and runs to answer it. It's the little boy standing in the doorway. He hands her the present and she smiles.

In addition to the "Christmas Brand" spot, Enlace produced an abbreviated version entitled, "The ³Great Gift Sale" that features sale items from throughout the department store at 20 to 50 percent off regular store prices.

"These Christmas-themed spots are very warm and sentimental to evoke the spirit of the holiday season," said Isabel Kilroe, Chief Creative Officer and Principal, Enlace Communications. "The Christmas Brand spot shows how Macy's is the destination store for all holiday gifts on shoppers' lists. Macy's offers greater selection and value as well as more of the brands, style and fun that you want during Christmas -- and every day of the year."

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