September 15, 2002

Miller Brewing Company has signed Latina television host and actress, Sofia Vergara to star in a Miller Lite commercial as part of the company's fall advertising campaign. The spot launched nationally October 1 on Spanish-language television networks.

"Miller Brewing Company is thrilled to be working with Sofia Vergara. Her image is a welcomed addition to our popular 'Storytellers' Hispanic advertising campaign," said Eduardo Casas, senior brand manager - Multicultural Marketing, Miller Brewing Company. "The campaign presents some very engaging situations where consumers share their personal experiences as part of their 'Miller Time" with friends. The ads leverage Sofía's stylish image to represent the evolving personality of Miller Lite, as well as the company's continuing commitment to the Hispanic community."

As part of Miller Brewing Company's Hispanic outreach, Sofia will be featured in a television commercial, as well as in a nationally distributed point-of-sale display, which offers consumers a take-one poster of Sofia. Additionally, Vergara will make several appearances in key Hispanic markets on behalf of Miller Lite.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with the Hispanic community," said Sofía Vergara. "Miller Brewing Company appreciates the role Hispanics play in society today, which makes our partnership a perfect match."

The 30-second spot, created by Latin Works based in Austin, Texas, runs nationally on Univision and Telemundo.

Commercial Description

The spot begins with a group of friends in a bar gawking at the front page of a tabloid newspaper containing a sexually incriminating photo of one of the men and television host/actress Sofia Vergara. What follows is a series of explanations from the male character explaining what actually took place. The scene switches and focuses on Sofia Vergara in a crowded nightclub bumping into him and accidentally spilling her beer on his shirt. Sofia insists on helping him wash the
stain and removes his shirt in a private room while a sneaky photographer outside the window snaps away. His friends tease him and have a laugh over Miller Lite. The final slate on the spot reads "Es Miller Time,"or "It's Miller Time."

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