August 21, 2011

Digital video advertising has long been a great hope for the digital industry. Since the rise of YouTube in 2005, agencies, providers, and advertisers themselves have looked to video formats to combine the high impact of TV executions with the interactivity and measurability of online and drive further growth in the sector. Tribal Fusion’s Firefly Video format was built for this purpose and after a year in the market it has been used by more than 50 brands across the full breadth of industries. We can now report on how video engagement rates differ across many criteria and reach conclusions about just what makes an effective campaign in terms of video and that other great hope: engagement. This paper explores how user engagement rates with this type of next-generation video ad format vary by time, day and month, and by industry and channel. It also analyses the frequency with which Firefly Video users have shared ads via social network sites - one possibility of the unit, as well as how data shows that video engagement formats have real impact at the early stages of a user’s journey from awareness to acquisition.

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