October 05, 2012

The print industry has looked to tablets as a potential savior of a suffering business. Whether digital ad revenues will make up for print losses remains to be seen, but millions of tablet users have taken to the devices to access periodicals on a regular basis.

More than a third of tablet users in the US read newspapers on their devices each month, and even more check out magazines, comScore found in August. Readership was a few percentage points above average for Kindle Fire owners, with iPad users coming in second place for both types of periodicals. NOOK and other Android tablet users were slightly less likely than average to read magazines and newspapers on their devices.

comScore reported that male tablet users overindexed for both newspaper and magazine reading on the devices, with men making up 57.5% of the newspaper audience and 54.6% of the audience for magazines. While men were early tablet adopters compared to women, research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that by August 2012, women were 3 percentage points more likely to use a tablet than men.

Tablet users ages 25 to 44 overindexed for newspaper consumption, while magazines were popular among a slightly wider age group, those 18 to 44. These are also the age groups, according to Pew, most likely to use a tablet.

Higher household incomes correlated roughly with higher readership of newspapers and periodicals on tablets. Pew found a stronger correlation between income level and tablet use overall.

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