January 23, 2005

Vertis announced the results of its proprietary Customer Focus 2005: Nonprofit Direct Marketing study, which reveals that nonprofit direct mail readership has increased from 53 percent in 2003 to 59 percent in 2005.

“With so many charitable institutions needing the support, it is imperative that organizations identify an effective method of communicating with their target audience,” said Thérèse Mulvey, vice president, marketing research, at Vertis.

“Based on the readership increase among adults, it is important for these organizations to understand which group is most likely to respond to their messages as they target new and existing donors.”

According to the Customer Focus study, 73 percent of Generation Y (1977-1994) adults and 63 percent of Generation X (1965-1976) adults responded to direct mail offerings from charity, fundraising, and nonprofit organizations. Additionally,
44 percent of seniors (1929 or prior) also responded to offers received in the mail. It is important for not-for-profit organizations to know which demographics to target as their support is crucial to the success of the organization and ongoing charitable contribution.

The Vertis Customer Focus® 2005: Nonprofit Direct Marketing study shows the following additional findings, which provide insight into the nonprofit direct mail readership of consumers:

Response Rate Increases

• Of the charity/fundraising direct mail readers, 59 percent responded to direct mail offerings from charity, fundraising and nonprofit organizations (See Figure A)
• 32 percent of charity direct mail readers replied to an offer via mail in 2005, compared to 23 percent in 2002 (See Figure B)
• 20 percent of charity direct mail readers visited a sender’s Web site, increasing from only nine percent in 2002
• 12 percent of charity direct mail readers called an 800 number on the mailing, which increased from seven percent in 2002

Women Continue To Lead Donations To Nonprofit Organizations

• 71 percent of female direct mail readers 45-49 said they read charity/fundraising mail, which has increased from 59 percent in 2003 (See Figure C)
• Of the direct mail readers surveyed, 62 percent of women 18-34 said they read charity/fundraising mail, up from 54 percent in 2003
• The interest in this direct mail is also increasing – 61 percent of female direct mail readers with children said they read direct mail from a nonprofit organization, increasing from 55 percent in 2003
• 64 percent of female direct mail readers with a household income of $30,000 - $50,000 said they are read mail from a nonprofit organization, compared to only 42 percent in 2003

How Do Adults Respond To Direct Mail From A Nonprofit?

• 68 percent of those people who said they responded via mail said they contribute to Health related organizations. Those who visited a sender’s Web site are much more likely to have contributed to a Food/Hunger related cause at 56 percent compared to 42 percent of the average contributors(See Figure D)
• 58 percent of those who responded to charity direct mail readers via an 800 number said they contributed to a children’s organization
• Those who visited a location in person after receiving a direct mail solicitation from a nonprofit were much more likely to contribute to safety and disaster relief (46 percent) and Homeless Shelters (53 percent).

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