September 17, 2011

With the slogan “We wouldn't be here if it weren't for them”, our publication is “celebrating the contribution of Hispanic Advertising and Marketing Pioneers whose work in creating and solidifying the US Hispanic Market is considered legendary.” The low-key recognition will take place at this year's AHAA Conference in Miami, October 12.

“Our purpose with 'Mis Pioneros' this year is to put the spotlight on their names briefly at this year's AHAA Conference,” says Gene Bryan - CEO of, “to remind new generations and new players that we would not be here if it were not for these individuals.” has chosen six honorees who will be present at the AHAA Conference: Alicia Conill, Eduardo Caballero, Ricardo Arregui, Carlos Barba, Castor Fernández and Herb Levin. Ms. Conill founded Conill Advertising with her late husband, Rafael Conill, later sold to British conglomerate Saatchi & Saatchi; Eduardo Caballero is the well-known radio and television magnate and industry pioneer; Ricardo Arregui was the founder, along with his brother, of one of the first ad shops in Miami; Carlos Barba is at the center of both Univision's and Telemundo's history; Castor Fernández was the leader and founder of Link Advertising, and later on, Castor Advertising, one of the first true giants of the US Hispanic Market in New York; and Herb Levin, the only non-Cuban in the group, started a radio empire for the Susquehanna Group of Stations at Miami's WQBA-AM/La Cubanísima and WQBA-FM/Super Q. is also honoring three unforgettable industry icons, the late Raúl Toraño, of SIN and Univision fame, the late Luis Díaz Albertini, who back in the early seventies founded the legendary Spanish Advertising & Marketing Services (SAMS) and the late Tere Zubizarreta who founded Miami based Zubi Advertising.

“Every year, in this venue or any other venues, we will try to identify pioneers who deserve the recognition,” said Gene Bryan, “and next year, there will probably be more emphasis on the Texas and the West Coast.”


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