April 07, 2012

Roberto Saucedo - Creative Director of Dieste was honored by his peers in receiving the 2012 HispanicAd.com 'Creative Director of the Year' award at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies annual conference in Miami, FL on Thursday May 3, 2012.

Mr. Saucedo joins the HispanicAd.com Hall of Fame and shares the Creative Director of the Year award with Laurence Klinger - Lapiz (2011), Elias Weinstock (2010), José Molla - La Comunidad (2009), Pablo Buffagni - Conill Advertising (2008 & 2003),Sergio Alcocer - Latinworks (2007), Daniel Marrero - C.O.D. (2006), Favio Ucedu - Grupo Gallegos (2005), Mauricio Galván - The Vidal Partnership (2004), Aldo Quevedo - Dieste Harmel & Associates (2002) and Luis Miguel Messianu - del Rivero Messianu (2001).



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