March 23, 2001

Cingular Wireless announced the launch of a Spanish-language Web site which provides the same corporate and technological information to both its English- and Spanish-speaking customers. The move capitalizes on Cingular's coverage in nine of the top ten Hispanic markets nationwide.

By visiting the website at , consumers who prefer Spanish now have the option to access key information about Cingular Wireless in their language of choice. The content of Cingular's Spanish-language website mirrors that of the company's English-language website, , which links to the cingulardilo site. Information on the sites range from products and services, including pricing and current promotional information, to technological information such as how to send and receive a message from a Cingular wireless phone. Customer service is also available in Spanish by calling 1-866-CINGULAR in markets where Cingular Wireless service is available.

"Cingular's Spanish-language Web site demonstrates our commitment to the Hispanic communities in our markets and allows us to provide a completely integrated communications program to our consumers," said Carlton Hill, Cingular Executive Director of Internet Services. "We want to ensure that our Hispanic customers have access to the same key information about Cingular Wireless in their language of choice."

Approximately 48 percent of Hispanics in the U.S. have a mobile phone, which is equal to approximately 16 million people, according to Cheskin Research.

Cingular recently launched "Mi Ventana Movil," the first Hispanic wireless Internet portal offered by a wireless carrier in the United States. Capitalizing on the increasing demand for Spanish-language Internet services in the United States, "Mi Ventana Movil" offers the same access in Spanish to on-demand personalized information as Cingular's "My Wireless Window" provides its English-speaking customers. The wireless portal, accessible from a mobile phone or personal computer, includes calendar, shopping, e-mail, address book and instant messaging.

Cingular plans to expand in the future and continue to add more information as well as services for its Spanish-speaking customers. About Cingular Wireless

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