March 24, 2008

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions wanted to make this movie because: “We want to try and tell that digital media is not about technology but about quality of communication, about the interaction between 2 people. There is no better medium than a movie to symbolize the one-to-one communication between people, in this case between an advertiser and a consumer.”

This only answers the question as to the choice of the medium, of course.

The next question we read a lot in the comments on this campaign was: “Why this movie?”.

“We wanted to do this movie to really debate with our partners and marketers the changing relationship between advertisers and consumers. We are always discussing the changing media landscapes, how consumers have changed and how advertisers need to redefine how they connect with them and we wanted to really bring the subject to life and walk the walk in terms of new ways of connecting. We want to be able to use the movie online but also at every point in face-to-face interactions with our customers to open up conversations about how media is changing and of course we then want to go on to discuss how we can partner with them in this area. We will definitely not saying that MDAS is the solution to all marketer’s issues but we do want to bring to life some of the unique assets that we can use to help advertisers to reconnect with today’s consumer (look at in-game advertising, personal expressions in Messenger, Xbox, etc).”

In terms of this campaign the movie is all about opening the conversation – the next challenge is to really focus on proof points for Microsoft in particular and that of course is slightly longer term project but its an area that we are very serious about.

To view movie CLICK on link below , we recommend it />


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