May 24, 2010

ImpreMedia flips the switch on a new online technology that will alter the way it presents and monetizes its digital content.  The company, which publishes La Opinión and El Diario, among other popular titles, has adopted DailyMe’s behavioral tracking and recommendation technology Newstogram to generate data on user’s interests and deliver visitors personalized content, advertisements and e-commerce opportunities.

The Newstogram technology operates in the background of impreMedia’s digital news sites, tracking and analyzing the news users read at a granular level to understand the specific visitor interests and consumption behaviors. The technology does not gather personal information about users. The data generated by this process enables impreMedia to both offer personalized news recommendations based on each user’s news interests, and better understand their audience when it comes to content, e-commerce and advertising.

“We value our audience above all else,” said Monica Lozano, CEO of impreMedia. “The ability to now offer a highly personalized experience on our site is critical to meeting consumer needs. By implementing Newstogram ™, we have a detailed understanding of our user’s interests and a better way to present content that promotes site engagement plus marketers looking to reach Hispanics will now have enhanced ad targeting. The news industry is changing, and new technologies like Newstogram are going to keep us ahead.”
“DailyMe provides a new solution to long-unsolved challenges in the immense digital publishing market,” said Eduardo Hauser, CEO of DailyMe.  “We built Newstogram to improve news relevancy and personalization in a way that allows publishers like impreMedia to extend and engage their audiences.  We’re helping them succeed by allowing them to communicate with their readers on an individual level.”

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