July 02, 2011

Nearly 61% of all U.S. adults have viewed advertising on video screens in public venues in the last 30 days, and more than 64% of them have expressed interest in this form of marketing communication, according to the latest data from GfK MRI.

Of the 60.7% of U.S. adults (approximately 138.5 million people) who reported having seen digital place-based advertising, 64.1% expressed an interest in the ads.

Ads on video screens located in grocery stores were the most commonly viewed, with 31.8% of adults reporting having seen this type of ad in the last 30 days. Grocery stores were followed by quick service/casual dining restaurants, warehouse/club stores, shopping malls, pharmacies and coffee shops/cafes or delicatessens, in that order, as the most likely place consumers viewed place-based video ads.

Consumer interest in place-based video ads appears positive and consistent. For instance, in 13 of the 15 venues cited above, between 40% and 55% of consumers expressed interest in the ads.

Completed in April 2011, the GfK MRI Omnibus Recontact Study is a mail survey of approximately 6,500 consumers who previously participated in GfK MRI's national Survey of the American Consumer. Initially, data from the Omnibus Recontact Study will be available to GfK MRI agency clients only via the MEMRI system; the DPAA has made the data available on a gratis basis.

"These new data from the Omnibus Recontact Study provide valuable insight into how consumers are embracing place-based digital advertising," said Susan Danaher, President, DPAA. "A major focus of ours for the past year has been to create a robust suite of planning tools and metrics to make it easier for agencies and marketers to plan and buy place-based digital media. These data from GfK MRI are a valuable addition to our database."

"Place-based digital is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the advertising industry," said Scott Turner, SVP of Agency and Advertiser Sales at GfK MRI. "We're pleased that the DPAA has chosen to enhance the depth and utility of our consumer database for the benefit of their membership and our clients."

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