February 05, 2008

Digital billboards are a new “cool” method to deliver news and advertising, as well as public notices such as AMBER Alerts, according to the Arbitron Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland Case Study conducted by Arbitron Inc.. The report illustrates motorists’ attitudes about digital billboards in the Cleveland, OH market, where seven digital billboards have been operating along Interstate highways since 2005.,

Nine out of 10 motorists notice digital billboard advertising messages at least some of the time. More than four out of five surveyed said digital billboards display timely news, traffic, weather, and emergency information important to the public.

Provides Important Community Service

Digital billboards display timely news, traffic, weather advisories and Amber Alert notices, providing an important community service according to more than 80 percent travelers.

Majority able to recall Advertising

Of the nine advertisements that ran on the digital billboards, 83 percent of commuters were able to recall at least one ad and 65 percent could recall at least two. A majority (64 percent) of commuters agree digital billboards are a cool way to advertise.

Digital Billboard Ads Drive Travelers to Local Business

After seeing a business’ ad on the digital displays, nearly one in five viewers were motivated to visit the featured store and fifteen percent later visited a featured restaurant. Thirty-nine percent of travelers who noticed the billboards learned about an event that they were interested in attending.

Ads On the Digital Screens Benefit Other Media

Local media gained the most recognition from brand-aided recall with local radio stations reaching 50 percent of travelers. The local Fox TV affiliate ads reached 41 percent of commuters. In addition to recall, digital ads help to generate audiences for other media. Thirty-five percent noted a radio station to listen to and 28 percent noted a television program to watch.

How the Study Was Conducted

The Arbitron Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland Case Study was designed to measure traveler’s awareness of and attitude towards digital billboards on major highways, and to gauge their level of engagement with billboard advertising messages. This case study focuses on seven digital billboards operating in Cleveland. The digital displays are located on four interstate highways in the Cleveland, OH area: I-77, I-90, I-271 and I-480.


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