September 03, 2001

Coca-Cola, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) of Atlanta, and New York based Submedia unveiled the first in-tunnel motion-picture transit advertising system in the country. The 900-foot display, which touts the beverage company's DASANI water brand in a moving message of replenishment and wellness.

Created by Submedia, the in-tunnel advertising system brings transit advertising off the platform and into the tunnels between stations where commuters are a captive audience. Mounted on subway tunnel walls, it transforms images into an entertaining and eye-catching 20-second motion picture outside of the train's window.

In addition to effectively entertaining and conveying a message to the commuting public, the Submedia system has the potential to turn the estimated thousands of miles of subway tunnel space around the world into revenue for transit systems helping them to offset costs that are often passed on to the consumer. According to Submedia's estimates, when mature, a modest size system such as MARTA's could see revenues of $15 million over five years while a larger system could see up to $50 million.

"This is an exciting partnership for MARTA to be at the forefront of this new technology with Submedia and Dasani. Not only are we making the commute enjoyable for our customers, but the added value is we are able to generate revenue as well," said Ford. "I commend our staff for seizing this opportunity to achieve the goals of our 'Back to Basics' philosophy, that is a clean, reliable, affordable and now enjoyable commute," he added.

"This innovative advertising medium will allow us to communicate with busy consumers in a unique approach not seen in the U.S. until now," said Cobbin. "The DASANI ad will entertain and refresh commuters with relaxing water imagery that conveys DASANI's message of replenishing the mind, body and spirit."

"We are extremely pleased to have a Fortune 100 company and one of the nation's finest transit systems as our first partners," said Gross of Submedia. "Both have the vision to recognize the value of our system."

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