May 21, 2004

Ganemos Fuerza, a Spanish- language voter registration campaign was launched in April through radio and television public service announcements encouraging political empowerment of Hispanics through voter registration and participation. For the American citizen with a Latino heart, it is as simple as picking up the phone to register to vote by dialing 1-800-604-0404. The Ganemos Fuerza staff will also be out registering people to vote at the Reventon Concert on July 24 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim and Ecuador 2000 events on August 3-8, 2004 in Los Angeles.

With the 2004 Presidential elections this November, it becomes more and more important that the largest and fastest growing minority to exercise their right as citizens and participate in the election of the next U.S. President. The 2000 U.S. Census estimates that there are approximately 37.4 million Hispanics living in the United States, seven million of which live here in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, of which only 126,000 Hispanics voted in 2002, according to the 2002 Southwest Voter Registration statistics.

Aimed at registering over 2,500 Hispanic voters throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties, this non-partisan, not for profit voter registration campaign was launched in April with the help of the Los Defensores spokesperson and Los Angeles Dodgers Spanish-language announcer, Jaime Jarrin.

Part of the Ganemos Fuerza campaign will include catchy public service announcements reinforcing the idea, “¡No dejes que otros decidan por ti!” (Don’t let others decide for you!). This call to action campaign will reach Hispanics at home, in their cars, and at work though radio and television announcements. These can be seen on

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