April 14, 2001

The singing sensation will star in a new campaign for Coca-Cola to support its huge summer promotion, which will give fans the chance to win a backstage tour and meet Christina on the set of one of her upcoming music videos. The campaign also includes:

-- A television commercial breaking next week that shows how one fan reacts after winning the chance to hang with Christina.

-- Radio spots with Christina that will be broadcast on radio stations around the country, estimated to reach more than 126 million listeners.

-- Full-page magazine ads featuring Christina, running in large circulation publications such as People, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone.

-- Point-of-sale displays with a larger-than-life image of Christina, ordered in record numbers by Coca-Cola Bottlers for
placement in thousands of retail outlets around the U.S.

-- Scenes from her commercial shot for a special in-theater ad, to run on more than 11,000 movie screens across the country.

-- Christina featured on the promotion's Web site (www.cokepopthetop.com) that includes "behind the scenes" photos from the making of her commercial, and extensive online advertising that more than 714 million Internet users are
expected to see.

-- Nearly 50 million packages of Coca-Cola classic promoting the chance to meet Christina and go behind the scenes on her music video set.

Christina's participation in this year's summer promotion continues a relationship Coca-Cola has had with the singer since summer 2000. She appeared in her first Coke commercial -- which had a concert theme -- for Coca-Cola Latin America last September.

"It's great to have Christina as an official part of the Coca-Cola family because, not only is she a life-long Coca-Cola drinker, but she fits perfectly with the brand -- like Coke, she's genuine and real," said Jan Hall, senior vice president, Consumer Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. "Those qualities are really going to shine through in her TV commercial. The story shows just how approachable Christina is, and how much she really enjoys and appreciates her fans."

In the spot, a young man who wins the chance to visit Christina's music video set can't seem to keep from passing out each time he encounters the star. When he arrives by limo and she's there to greet him ... when she winks at him during rehearsal ... and when she just checks up on him at the snack table ... each time the excitement is just a bit too overwhelming. In the end, however, he brags, "I think she might be in love with me."

"This was a lot of fun to do because I got to do some acting and even a little comedy," said Christina. "My fans have seen me on stage

-- this gives them a chance to see another side of me."

The ad was produced in English by Leo Burnett, Chicago, and in Spanish by Lapiz, a division of Leo Burnett USA.

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